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A School for Training in Ancient Samurai Military Arts
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Ken Jutsu

Kenjutsu is the study of the martial application of the Japanese sword. In a classical bugei (military training system) the sword and the unarmed arts are identical in principle and technique. Knowledge of the sword is essential to understanding the unarmed arts of the Samurai. Study of the sword brings a depth of comprehension that allows true insight into the Samurai mind. Once a student is fully accepted into the dojo and has learned the kihon waza (required techniques), they may be permitted to begin sword training.


The sword also defines the morality of the Samurai code of bushido. The kanji on this page reads kastujinken satsujinken, �The sword that cuts down evil is the sword that gives life�. For the Samurai the proper use of the sword was to defend the innocent and the country against evil. Having the ability to protect the innocent from evil is the goal of the study of kenjutsu. In essence�as should be the case in all martial arts study�the pursuit of kenjutsu made the samurai warrior a more competent and responsible citizen. This is as true for modern practitioners as it was in ancient times.
Kenjutsu, as taught at the Dojo of the Four Winds, encompasses a vast curriculum of strategy, tactics, and techniques for the effective use of the sword. The goal is complete familiarity with the practical function, morality, discipline and spirit of this ancient art. Ultimately, the mental and physical skills acquired by serious and correct sword training will elevate the entire spectrum of martial competence.