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Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei Seminar
The Dojo of the Four Winds
July 18th through the 21st

Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei, the Soke of the Kuroda family samurai tradition, will be teaching an intensive 4 day seminar on Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, and jujutsu. Kuroda sensei will teach Komagawa kaishin ryu kenjutsu, Tamiya ryu iaijutsu and Shishin Takuma ryu jujutsu techniques to a select few seminar participants at this four day seminar.

Kuroda sensei is a superb swordsman in classical Samurai kenjutsu. His iaijutsu is almost magically fast and quite unique in it's application. The jujutsu integrates seamlessly with kenjutsu and facilitates the movements of the sword.

The Dojo of the Four Winds is located in Encinitas California in north San Diego county just two blocks from the beach. For more information contact James Williams at 760 753-2060 or e mail at [email protected]. Register soon as dojo space is limited.

The cost for this seminar is $400.00. If you are not a member of the Shinbukan Kuroda dojo it will be necessary for you to join. The one time cost for joining Kuroda sensei's dojo is $100.00. Joining the Shinbukan Kuroda dojo will also allow you to particpate in the annual training retreat that takes place every year in Japan. This is a rare opportunity to train with the best in an ancient Samurai tradition that has been passed down in Kuroda sensei's family for over 300 years.

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