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Psychic Energy Excercizes

We were graced by a 5-day training continuum from the great Russia master Mikhail Ryabko, starting last Thursday. I attended all sessions taught by him, except possibly he will teach one last session tonight at the school.

In this thread I can only touch on a few highlights regarding energy work. As for the general martial arts work, it was far too much and too deep for me to cover now, and I'm sure there are many other tougher and more skilled students much better qualified to treat those aspects.

If I may impose a tiny bit of personal analytic framework on the huge load of teachings we got, I would say that MR broke down the work into two very general processes of drill. (1) consists of intensive breathing and other "solo" work on your own body/mind/psyche. (2) consists of work in relation to others. I'll cover his teaching on both aspects, below.

===== Solo Mode ======

The solo work is to built up your own energy and psyche. It seems the the unifying or overarching principle here is simply that the more discomfort you can learn to tolerate, the more you can control yourself, and the more you can avoid feeling sorry for yourself, the more energy and sensitivity you will obtain. Both Vlad and MR said that the purpose of these (below) is not to build muscles or stretch your tendons or whatever (but sure no harm if you like that) but the purpose is to develop your mind and spirt so you won't "feel sorry for yourself" and you will obtain "control, control, control!". OK, In this solo area, we have exercises and drills such as: (All breathing in everything written below is done as ==> inhale through nose, exhale through mouth)

LYING DOWN (on back, arms relaxed at sides): simple in-pause-out; in with right leg tensed/out right leg relaxed; 'left left; 'right arm; 'left arm; 'pelvic area;'stomach';'chest;'back;'entire upper half of body;'entire lower half of body;whole body in/tense-out/relax start at feet for "wave"; whole body in/tense-out/relax start at head for "wave";entire body in/tense-out/relax slowly;entire body in/tense-out/relax quickly.

While still lying down, feel pulse in every small spot and major area of your body. This was done with LONG pauses after inhale and exhale. It is mainly during the long pause that you attempt to feel your pulse in a given body area. Basically we worked from head/neck/chest/heart/stomach/groin/ on downward.

After this intensive lying down work (must have been over 30 mins of only lying down work as above, (all inhale/exhale during it all was at MR's commands (Douuu... Vriiii... ) - "if I'm not talking, you aren't breathing"), we then sat up in seiza-like kneeling position and MR had us stretch out our arms, rotate and extend arms and hands and shoulders, trying to smooth out the energy kind of like squeezing it everywhere in your body. If you do as we did (above) you will feel tremendous rushes of hydraulic/electrical type energy throughout your body after this drill work (at least I did).

Then on to the "psychic calesthenics". First, since we had been lying down anyway, leg raises. On back, arms at sides, lift your left slowly, count of 40. At 20 your legs are vertical. SLLLOOOWWW count MR gave us. At 40, legs all the way back touching floor behind you. If tired during the raises, do "puff breathing" (a quick in-out cycle). Once your feet are behind you, stop moving legs. Now inhale-hold-exhale several times. Now inhale into chest (hold,exhale). Now inhale into stomach (hold, exhale). Now inhale into groin area (hold, exhale). Now slowly count while putting legs back down. 20 is vertical again. 40 is flat on floor. SLOW, if tired, do puff breathing.Then we did some 'fast' ones, just inhale (feet all the way back); exhale (feet all the way down).

Now pushups in similar mode. Do 10 with inhale on down stroke, exhale on push up. 10 with exhale on down stroke, inhale on push up. inhale/hold - do 10. exhale/hold - do 10. Also, slow as with leg raises above.

Now situps in similar mode. Start lying flat down as above. Raise yourself slowly on count using ONLY necessay muscles of mainly the back to support yourself, you'll end up slightly curled like a letter 'c'. Then back down.

Now squats. KEEP YOUR BACK AND FORM STRAIGHT. Do 10 with inhale, 10 with exhale, 10 with in-hold, 10 with out-hold as above. Then some slow inchworm ones as with counted leg raises and counted pushups described above.

Now jumping squat. jump all the way up clap hands, then quick back to squat. We did 20 of these in a quick exhausting sequence (actually more like thirty cause he made us redo many times when we weren't clapping "as a unit"!)

Now walking in a circle. Start with one-step/one-breath (in or out), then 2-steps per breath, etc. We did up to 6. Then, wind back down, 5 steps per breath, 4,3,2, back to 1. Then do the same with running instead of walking no matter how long you do this, when you stop your breathing should be totally normal. This works perfectly for me, even though I'm not a runner at all.

But my breath is completely normal after this no matter how long or fast I run, as long as I'm following the breath patterns indicated. One tip I got from Russia trip where we did this - there's NO NEED to do gung-ho "arm pump" thing while you run! All us North Americans (at least) seemed to be running with our arms crooked and hunched, pumping furiously. In Russia, one of the senior students saw me doing this and corrected me to run with arms hanging loosely at sides, gently swing, relaxed. Gives much more energy for a long run, of which we had several over there on & around the Spets base.

We also did circle rolling walk walk walk, when MR claps everybody quick do a forward roll, quick back up keep walk walk walk - clap - roll, get up, etc. Likewise for back roll.

======= Partner Mode ==========

We had an unbelievably cool class working on psy energy with partners. This was really "beyond the physical"! It was a smallish group, not the main seminar day(s). MR intro'd the session with a profound talk about what it means to work with another person. You have to get your mind in the right state, that you don't want to hurt the partner at all, and you care about the partner, almost like a parent towards a child. He used a great phrase he said if you want to hurt the partner, or show off your skill or anything proud like that then this is ruining the great gift of energy and life "like throwing a spoonful of dirt into a barrel of honey"! Cool huh ? Your mind should be calm and clear.

MR then demonstrated various ways of using psy energy to deal with people or an attack. He showed there's a lot of variation in how the energy is used, not just one effect. For example, when the attacker rushed MR, MR could "drain away" the person's energy into the ground, leaving attacker unable to continue.

Another "mode" or type is to "rebuff" the person's energy with your own, creating an effect of the attacker feeling he is being "bounced off" a large huge rubber ball, getting thrown back with just as much energy as he (attacker) has put out himself. Another mode is where MR just "turned into water or smoke" as the attacker simply could not "find anybody there". Another mode is where MR appeared to somehow mentally "take control" of the attacker's brain-body connections and switch his nerve processing such that the attacker would fall in a particular direction or in a particular posture. (this was weird!) He showed many other distinct effect, I guess to impress on us the variety of work required. I just can't cover everything right here. OK, then he told us that he not teaching for money, there is no personal element in this ability, it comes from God, and with work all of us could approach it if we have a good spirit and work hard. He said he was glad that our little group there really wanted to learn and not just to "see tricks". He said if we just wanted to see tricks he could just put us all to sleep for three hours (the entire class) and we'd wake up happy.

NOW HERE IS SOMETHING IMPORTANT - he then said that for rest of the session (remaining two hours or so of actual practice) we'd be trying the methods with our partner's and he said "OK now work. I have switched you on." And he suddenly snapped his fingers. Remember this part! Then he showed how to begin practice. You work similar to Vlad's PE tape to start.

Work with partner stand quietly and nicely in front of each other, P1 puts his hands just above P2's shoulders. P2 should be attentive and sensitive, don't resist but don't fall if you don't feel anything. YES! We felt VERY strong non-physical force current directing us down in this work. It was SO obvious you'd just have to be a complete fool to doubt the reality of this. Of course I've seen this before and have tried it myself with friends. Yes sometimes with friends on your own you can get an effect. But in this session the force and consistency of it in the partner work went WAY beyondanything I had ever experience practicing on my own. Way beyond. We tried psy "pushing" from behind different angles, etc. and finally did somewhat faster work countering an actuall normal/slow speed "attack" with a real-time take-down, trying to "catch" the energy envelope of the "attacker".

We finished with putting our partner to sleep with gentle energy "pats" and strokes, like a parent putting kid to sleep. At the end we asked MR "many of us have tried this before, with no success or just weak effects. Why was the energy flow and power SO OBVIOUS to all of us this time ??" MR said he had "switched us on" (remember above?) and that he had been controlling us throughout the session, so we got a different result from normal. He said it would still take a lot of work and training for us to be able to do this for ourselves, for real, but that if we work hard on all the drills (see above) and keep a good mind of decency and non-harmfulness, we can eventually succeed.

==== Blast Mode ! ======

The final way of getting energy that MR taught was getting hit (by him). People lined up to get hit with fist (I did not do the fist this time, but I've done that before, I know the score... But see below for what I did this time!) While getting hit, the idea is exhale with a kind of shallow or superficiall puff exhale, just immediately prior to getting hit (not too early). Keep your form. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Don't "let it in".

Another mode of getting hit was shown, MR hit people with a long stick or staff. Not everybody did this. I did this out of curiosity. He hits you in abdomen, legs, butt, back. It hurts like a @#$)(*%#)(*%! I was surprised how much it hurt. Same principles as above for taking it. In Russia he also does a Cossack whip for this training. Anyway, whether stick or fist he senses exactly how much you can take and puts your exactly on that line, not one inch above or below it.

The energy part of this getting hit training is that afterwards your entire body, especially abdomen and hands will be vibrating wildly like a radioactive beehive for about 15 minutes or more. Just an amazing unbelievable effect. Not everybody feels this depends on how much prior energy training you have done.

Eta dastadichna for now. -Emery