N A M I -R Y U- A I K I -H E I H O

A School for Training in Ancient Samurai Military Arts


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The Dojo of the Four Winds in conjunction with our sister organization, Strategic Solutions, offers the highest level of combative training for Law Enforcement and Military applications. Our teaching has a profound impact on operators who are placed in high stress, high performance environments.

This training provides superior technical function, and the integration of deep strategic and philosophical truths allowing for enhanced performance and mental function that greatly increases the probability of success in a lethal force environment. Our training packages have been successfully delivered to a wide variety of both police and special warfare operators, both foreign and domestic.

Strategic Solutions was formed to make available -- to those with a professional need to know -- the knowledge and wisdom of the samurai warriors who for ten centuries trained, fought, and forged the most efficient and sophisticated close quarter battle techniques and strategy known. We are unique in our particular development of this union of ancient to modern techniques from unarmed through lethal force engagements involving firearms. The use of the principles allows for a continuity of principle application that utilizes one operating system along the entire force continuum, regardless of the weapons used.

From unarmed to projectile weapon conflict, the same mindset, strategy, and operating system is implemented. This facilitates maximum efficiency when problem solving regardless of the environment, from arrest and control, to lethal force engagement. Efficiency is defined as solving the problem with the least amount of energy expended, space used, and time elapsed. Because the techniques and strategy are taken from the very arts that have been used for close quarter battle for a millenium, they are the most appropriate for modern CQB. Trying to adapt modern arts (judo, karate, aikido, etc. to the lethal force engagement environment is inappropriate and inefficient.

At Strategic Solutions we understand the critical value of providing training that is not only effective, but efficient as well. For a properly trained operator solutions present themselves that would otherwise go unnoticed. Investing in the operator means giving the the tools to understand and control mind and body to facilitate the most efficient solutions, regardless of the problem faced. It is essential that only the necessary amount of force be used in achieving the solution. Besides placing the operator in a morally responsible position, this minimizes the possibility of litigation and limits collateral damage to noncombatants.

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